Puff cookies

Light, crispy, puff cookies, topped with sweet, chocolate or toffee glaze. Toffee and chocolate glazes are manufactured by our company on the basis of selected and tested components and the recipe is the long tradition and experience. They are perfect as a small, sweet snacks not only for tea or coffee, but also as an addition for desserts and they taste delicious on their own.


Based on acquired experience, knowledge and proven recipes, our sweets’ factory is constantly growing since 1993. Today we are three generations family company, but our priorities remain unchanged: taste, freshness and originality.

Modern technologies

Fast and efficient production allows us easily meet all our customers’ needs. We constantly focus on development, modernity and increasing the efficiency of technological process, while maintaining high quality of our products.

Great taste

Our sweets are produced from natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. We do not use improvers, artificial dyes and preservatives. We make every effort to ensure that our products leaving our works are always delicious, fresh and exceptional.